Açaí smoothie with mango

The acai berry and its benefits are becoming well known, but what is the actual acai berry diet?

The Acai berry diet has no specifically formulated eating plan attached to it. This may come as a surprise, but, if you are overweight, the acai berry itself and its characteristics will help you lose weight when you use any healthy eating plan. The
choice of diet is yours. You should choose an eating plan that will fit in with your lifestyle and be sustainable in the long term for you. You need to only make healthy life-style adjustments while using the acai berry juice on a regular basis, and you will
lose weight.

The acai berry does the work of:
* suppressing your appetite so you are not tempted to over-eat
* provides fibre in the diet
* enhances your metabolism
* increases your energy levels, so you feel like being more active
* cleansing and detoxifying your body for more vitality
* regulates blood sugar levels so food cravings are reduced
The resulting nutritional support and energy the acai berry provides reduce foodcravings or binges.
Make a firm decision to lose weight and follow your chosen eating plan. The most important thing is to be determined in what you have decided to do and follow it through.

The basics of the acai berry diet are:
* drink acai berry juice or tea several times a day
* take extra acai berry supplements to speed up the process if you want to
* avoid fatty foods
* avoid foods with high sugar content
* avoid processed foods as far as possible
* serve yourself smaller portions of food
* stop eating when you feel full – you do not have to finish everything on your plate!
* make sure you drink plenty of water
* make sure you eat foods form each of the four main food groups every day (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and
minerals and fats). This ensures balanced and adequate nutrition.
* try to increase your energy output by starting an exercise plan. Walking 3 to 4 times a week is beneficial. The main thing
is to start doing something that will be sustainable for you.
Remember, small changes to your life style will make big changes to your weight!


Acai berry supplements and particularly acai berry drinks, which can be mixed with other fruit juices or teas, form the basis of the diet. Acai berry juice or pulp has a fruity chocolaty flavour and needs no extra sugar.

There is no specific acai berry diet, but dieters use the acai berry products, particularly the juice, in conjunction with any other weight loss program berries provide the nutritional supplements necessary to help any dieter reach their goal. Because the diet is so versatile, it is also very sustainable and certainly not difficult to follow or stick to. Weight can easily be lost and kept off while, at the same time, muscle is built due to the higher energy levels, so you do not only lose fat, you gain muscle, look firmer and trimmer and feel healthier and full of energy. Remember, determination and perseverance are two of the most important keys to losing weight. The acai berry juice will help you achieve your goals whatever eating plan you decide to follow.