Question by Sidekickfreak Jefferson: Does acai berry juice have the same effect as the normal acai berry fruit?

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Answer by Tessa-marie L
I’m thinkning acai berry fruit would be better beucase it would still have the fiber in it.

Give your answer to this question below!Question by .Baby_Giirl. Melony: Where can i get the fruit acai berries and what can they help with?
Can you get the actual acai berry fruit or fruit juices at a local grocery store like sobeys or superstore? Do the acai berry fruit and fruit juices help lose weight or help with IBS specifically with constipation?

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Answer by Iluvsd
I know they have this at gnc but it’s in pills and I heard they help you loose weight but it doesn’t work on everyone.

Add your own answer in the comments!Question by Brown Sugar: Acai Super fruit Juice, can you live on it?
Says liquid food supplement on the bottle, and that it has all your body needs, but others also claim that so many fakes out there have used only a portion of the real thing mixed with citrus to make money on the name.

Can anyone advise m on this, i tried some last week and i truly felt zenish, very powerful and refreshing!

I read that Sambazon Pure PERFECT ACAI BERRY is the best to get but i only found a bottle of “Optima Acai Super Fruit Juice” and not sure if its really as pure or who to trust!

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Answer by Damiana
Ummm…i would not try to live on acai juice alone.

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