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Is the Acai Berry A Super Food?

One of the latest natural products making big waves in the super healthy food market is acai berry and acai berry juice. If you haven’t heard of it, you’ll probably will soon, as tens of thousands of people have jumped on the acai bandwagon.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with acai, this is a red or purplish fruit about an inch long. It grows on palm trees in the jungles of Central and South American. It has a pleasant, sweet taste and makes a delicious, refreshing fruit juice.

But acai has exploded onto the market recently, especially within the specialty health food scene. That’s because of the many sensational claims are being made about the health, healing, even anti-aging properties of this remarkable fruit.

Certainly, we all know that people selling acai-derived products will make a lot of bold claims if it means making a lot of money by selling more of this stuff. But are the claims about acai health benefits true?

Well, the good news is that: The positive claims about acai are, indeed, largely accurate.

A survey of unbiased, medical and scientific sources backs up most the positive information being spread about acai. The first reason is that the acai berry is, without a doubt, extremely high in antioxidant substances called anthocyanins and flavinoids.

Both of these substances are found in other fresh fruit products as well, of course. That’s how we know they deliver such positive benefits to the human body – because nutrition researchers have had a long time to test the effects of anthocyanins and flavinoids on the human body.

But the thing about acai fruit is that it is packed with anthocyanins and flavinoids. That means when you drink a lot of acai juice, or eat a lot of the berries themselves, you’ll be delivering a boatload of vitamin-rich antioxidant nutrients to your body.

Others claim that acai is a powerful weight loss food – that eating a lot of acai berries or drinking a lot of acai juice will somehow make the fat melt away from your body.

Well, there is some truth to this claim, but be careful. The fact is, a diet rich in foods that are high in antioxidants are a healthy, low-calorie way to satisfy your hunger. Acai products meet this test. It’s just that, some claim that there is something special in acai itself that burns fat better than other fruits, such as blueberries, for example. At this point, the science is not complete enough to 100% support this claim.

But it almost doesn’t matter – simply because acai makes an excellent food for people on a diet, or even for those just want to eat healthy.

Finally, acai is now being recognized as a beauty product. More acai is showing up on the ingredient list of a variety of cosmetics and skin creams. Here again, the hard science supports the idea that acai can make a positive difference in your appearance when applied to the skin. The reason again is because of the affect antioxidants have on skin structure, function and appearance.

So is acai a super food? Yes, that claim can be made, just as it can be made for other foods as well. Acai may not be our only super food, but it is one of the best we know of today. The bottom line is, there is no downside to using acai products, and much benefit.